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Cajun Night Before Christmas

Cajun Night Before Christmas is a retelling of the old story. Image from

Sometimes folks from south Louisiana will take familiar stories and twist them to make them a little more Cajun. Cajun Night Before Christmas by “Trosclair” is a good example of this.

Santa in envisioned as riding in a skiff pulled by alligators named Gaston, Tiboy, Pierre, Alcee’, Ninette, Suzette, and Renee’. Also, Santa is dressed in muskrat fur. The whole book is written in the Cajun dialect and tells the story of St. Nick coming to the bayou. It starts out:

‘Twas the night before Christmas

An’ all t’ru de house

Dey don’t a t’ing pass

Not even a mouse.

Den Mamma in de fireplace

Done roas’ up de ham

Stir up de gumbo

An’ make bake de yam.

Copyright by Pelican Publishing Company 2001

After Santa finishes his stop he bids everybody farewell in true Cajun fashion.

Merry Christmas to all

‘Til I saw you some mo’!


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The year is 1755, and the Catholic French living in Nova Scotia are being exiled for their refusal to bend the knee to Protestant England. They fled and settled in what is now south Louisiana. The region where they settled is now known as Acadiana, a 22 parish region that makes up a large portion of Louisiana.

A parish is typically the area of jurisdiction for a Catholic church, and since the church was central in those days, everything was formed around it. We say ‘parishes’ instead of ‘counties’ in Louisiana because of the large role of Catholicism in the lives both the French and Spanish colonists in Louisiana. The Acadiana flag symbolizes the French and Spanish heritage of the Acadiana region.

The Acadiana flag represents the region’s heritage

The Acadians brought their culture with them, and adapted it to the Louisiana landscape. Catholicism is still deeply rooted in south Louisiana, and even our way of cooking harkens back to Acadian way of life. The map bellow illustrates how widespread Acadiana is.

Acadiana makes up most of south Louisiana

It’s important to know that Acadiana is a specific region. Although the culture of Acadiana may bleed over into other places in Louisiana, Acadiana has a distinct culture and flavor of its own.

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