Boudin and Cracklins

Boudin is an another essetial Cajun food group. Yes, it is that important. Pronounced boo-dahn, it is a fairly simple food with old origins that. Boudin essentially a mixture of pork meat, rice, onions, bell peppers and seasonings that are cooked together into what some people know as a rice dressing. After everything is cooked down, the mixture is put into thin casings and boiled. After that, it’s ready to eat.

NOLA Cuisine has a pretty good recipe for boudin. My only critique is that you should definitely put the mix into casings, otherwise you just have rice dressing. I’d also only put the meat through a grinder, not the whole mixture. Everything else sounds très bon!

Boudin makes a quick and tasty snack. Photo from Nola Cuisine

In the old days all the people of the town would get together for a boucherie, a butchering. They would slaughter a couple of pigs and work like a big family to clean the meat and cook. They would make boudin and use the pig intestines for the casing (synthetic casings are used today). They would also make cracklins, which are fried pork skins.

Today there are many boudin and cracklin shops all over south Louisiana. Some places are known to have much better boudin and cracklins than others, and some folks take their boudin quite seriously. Apparently, the issue of what town could be called “Boudin Capital of the World” became a cause of disagreement within the Louisiana House of Representatives.

If you’re ever in Louisiana, Don’s Specialty Meats in Carencro has what I consider to be some of the best boudin around. Some places put too much rice in their boudin because they’re trying to save money, but Don’s has a good mix of meat, rice, and spice. If there is one food from Louisiana that I miss when I’m in Georgia, it’s boudin.

Don’s in Carencro makes their boudin hot and fresh. Photo from


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