Cajun Onstar

There is much trouble in trying to describe the culture in south Louisiana without actually being able to speak it. The accent is very different than anything else I’ve ever heard. It’s not a southern twang or anything close to a drawl. The Cajun accent can be nasally at times with some words being drawn out in weird ways. It’s hard to describe, but the video below will help put everything into perspective.

Here’s a disclaimer: not everyone from south Louisiana talks like this. Of course, the man speaking is really exaggerating the Cajun accent. This video was in the news for a bit, and it received polarized responses. Some people said “Yes! This is how we talk!” and others said “No! This makes us look ignorant.” I love this video, and while I don’t condone calling Onstar to give the operator a hard time, I am very impressed with this operator’s patience. Enjoy the video!


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